What is Rope Access Window Cleaning?

What is Rope Access Window Cleaning?

Rope access window cleaning is carried out by qualified rope access technicians (also known as abseilers), and involves the use of ropes and specialist equipment in order to gain access to the windows of high buildings. Ropes are rigged from roof tops (mostly) via the means of anchor bolts, which are drilled into concrete, and have to be tested and certified annually. The primary advantage of rope access over other methods of working at heights is that work can be carried out at extreme heights (eg above 20 storeys high), quickly and safely with minimal disruption to occupants and surrounding areas.  It also eliminates the need to erect scaffolding or operate a cradle, which usually also makes rope access window cleaning the most cost effective and safest solution.

Types of Buildings cleaned using Rope Access

A wide range of buildings are cleaned using rope access. These include high office blocks, city skyscrapers, factories and other commercial buildings, apartment blocks, shopping centres and atriums, historical buildings and church towers, university buildings, schools, hospitals, and other public sector buildings. High windows can also be cleaned via rope access on the inside, provided there are safe and accessible rigging options.

The Importance of Health and Safety

Whilst rope access is becoming an increasingly used window cleaning method, not all window cleaning businesses understand its complexities, nor have qualified staff and the correct equipment to work at heights.

Use a company that takes health and safety seriously – it must always be SAFETY FIRST!

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